Anti Slip Decking Boards SafaWood – 4 Lengths Available


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Material: Softwood board, EPDM granules
Board Lengths: 3.6m, 3.9m, 4.2m, 4.5m
Slip Rating: Tested to BS7976 part 2
15 Year Guarantee
Colour: Charcoal / Red as standard, other colours available upon request
Minimum order quantity: 20 lengths 

Subject to availability – product lead times can vary


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Anti Slip Decking Boards | SafaWood®

Wooden decking boards have long provided a simple solution to improve the look of an outdoor area. As anyone who has ever owned decking will tell you however, wooden decking is not without its faults. During periods of heavy rain and frost traditional decking can become very slippery and hazardous to walk on. They also require regular maintenance in order to prevent the wood from rotting. Here at RubberSmart we have a solution to all of these problems. Our SafaWood® anti slip decking boards enable you to improve the safety as well as appearance of any outdoor space. The addition of our rubber crumb granules significantly improves the safety of our composite decking boards in all weather conditions.

SafaWood® has a rating of ‘low potential for slip’ conforming to BS 7976 part 2 specifications.

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The SafaWood® Difference

We manufacture these high-quality decking boards in the same format as traditional decking boards for easy installation. That is where the similarities stop however, as there are two key differences that set SafaWood® apart from standard decking. Firstly, our composite decking boards utilise high-quality bonded rubber granules, which run along the top surface of the decking. These granules give our decking a more visually appealing appearance, while also creating an anti-slip finish. The anti-slip surface on SafaWood® enables you to safely use the decking all throughout the year with a variety of footwear types. Secondly, each of our composite decking boards are pressure treated for a set period of time during the manufacturing process. The treatment serves to seal the wooden part of the decking boards in order to help prevent rot and deterioration. This ensures that our SafaWood® decking boards are able to remain in use for far longer than standard decking.

Attractive Range Of Colours

anti slip decking boards anti slip decking boards anti slip decking boards anti slip decking boards anti slip decking boards anti slip decking boards

We manufacture our SafaWood® anti slip decking boards in a charcoal and red colour as standard. However, we can also manufacture in a selection of five other colours, which are available as a special order. These bright and vibrant selection of colours can instantly improve the appearance of your outdoor space.

A Variety of Applications

  • Schools and playgrounds
  • Theme park and activity centres
  • Pathways
  • Suitable for commercial applications i.e. public areas
  • Industrial applications
  • Smoking facilities
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels, pubs and other leisure complexes
  • Pool surrounds

Shipping and Manufacture

We ship our safawood® anti slip decking boards direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff also quality inspect each board prior to dispatch. This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

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3.6 metres, 3.9 metres, 4.2 metres, 4.5 metres

Leisure, Decoration, Safety Flooring, Anti-Slip, Commercial
Anti-Slip decking
Softwood board, EPDM granules
Slip Rating:
Tested to BS7976 part 2
Charcoal / Red
Botanical Name
28x119mm finished
European Redwood
Pinus Sylvestrus
Nordic sources
PEFC / DeckMark Plus Approved
Rebated on face to allow for EPDM rubber, smooth on reverse
15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay
Copper based pressure impregnated wood preservative (tanalith E 800)
Wear ratio
Tensile Strength
Elongation at break
Thermal stability
UV stability
Sound damping
Tested to BS 5696 Part 3 with a wear ratio of between 1.14 and 1.36
BS 4790 Time from application of nut to extinction:383-425 seconds Classification: Low radius of ignition
1.4 N/MM² BS 903/2A
80% MIN BS 903/2A
Thermal expansion from 20° To 50°c is 0.5%
BS 1006 light fast to 7 (Lifespan dependent of type of surface wear / application and location)
Rubber compound is porous, flow rates are determined by the type of base substrate on which the material is laid
Up to 30db reduction