Anti Vibration Sheet: Low Compression – Size 1m x 1m

Item Code: RC0306-06

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Material: Cork, Nitrile Rubber
Size: 1m x 1m
Cork Granule Size: 0.5 – 1mm
Hardness: 65 – 75°
Colour: Red with cork points

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Product Description

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Anti Vibration Sheet: Low Compression

Low compressible medium density cork and rubber material for noise and vibration control, with excellent oil and fuel resistance. The low compression makes this particular product better suited to noise reduction compared to the high compression version. A higher cork granule size makes this product firmer and stronger than the high compression version. Our anti vibration sheet: low compression is the perfect tool for a range of needs.

Well suited for vibration control in technical equipment rooms. Vibration isolation for machinery including Pumps, Presses, Looms & Motors, Runways, rail & subway isolation pads. Building acoustic suspension elements & systems for walls, Ceilings, Pipings, etc.

The incredibly light weight material make this product simple and hassle free to install. You can easily trim the product to fit any shape or size depending on your needs. You can use a variety of standard cutting tools, however we suggest using a more heavy duty tool in order to reduce mess.

Range of Thickness’ Available

Depending on your needs we stock a variety of thickness’ ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm. This ensures that you get the perfect product for your needs. While all of the sheets provide great vibration absorption the thicker sheets offer higher compression. However, all sheets feature the same cork granule size and density.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our anti vibration sheet: low compression is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Anti Vibration, Shock Absorption, Surface Protection
Anti Vibration Sheet
Cork, Nitrile Rubber
Cork Granule Size:
0.5 - 1mm
Durometer (Shore A):
65° - 75°
Red with cork points
Roll Size
Compression at 400 psi
Recovery after
Tensile strength
Temperature range
1m x 1m
25 - 35 %
80 %
23.5 kg/cm²
-20°C to 120°C