Foam Shock Pads – 2 Sizes Available

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Material: Perforated Polyethylene Bonded Foam
Sizes: 2.025m², 0.94m²
Thickness: 12mm, 25mm, 45mm
Weight: 80kg/m²
Critical Fall Height: N/A, 1.2m, 2m
Colour: Black, Multi


Product Description

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Foam Shock Pads | Artificial Grass Underlay

Manufactured from perforated polyethylene bonded foam, our foam shock pads are ideal for a variety of situations. Thanks to their interlocking puzzle design the pads are easy to shape and install to fit whatever area you need. One of the main uses of our foam shock pads come in the form of an underlay for artificial grass. The product is ideal for use in applications such as; roof gardens, patios, commercial areas as it offers excellent insulation and sound absorption. You can also find another key use for this product in children’s outdoor play areas. Foam shock pads provide great impact absorption reducing any potential fall hazards. We test the pads to meet industry standards EN 1177 : 2008, meaning you can achieve critical fall heights from 1.2 metres up to 3 metres using different thickness and layers of the artificial grass underlay.

Please note: the thinner 12mm shock aren’t suitable for use in critical fall height applications. This option is perfect for use in gardens or balcony’s that require a softer as well as more even surface.

Does the Artificial Grass Shock Pad Allow Liquid to Drain Through?

Yes! You can easily use our foam shock pads as an underlay for artificial grass and astro turf due to the excellent drainage properties it offers. As a closed cell material it will not absorb liquids and also offers long lasting durability, due to high quality material selection. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about flooding or surface water. Providing you with a natural appearance as well as a professional product to ensure, you to get the most out of your outdoor area.


Playground surfacing

Patio underlay

Roof Garden underlay

Underlay for artificial grass

Sheet Sizes

shock pad sizesmall shock pad size

The interlocking puzzle system allows for a quick and simple installation and extra strength while, eliminating the necessity for adhesive.

We supply the shock pad in 2 different sizes as above. The larger size allows you to complete big areas quickly, reducing the number of pads needed. While the smaller pieces work great for areas such as roof balconies where are more complex shape is needed, they are also easier to handle.

We also sell artificial grass that works great with this product. You can view our full outdoor surfacing range here.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our foam shock pads are shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Playground underlay, Patio underlay, Roof Garden underlay, Shock pad underlay for artificial grass
Foam Shock Pad
Perforated Polyethylene Bonded Foam
Black, Multi
Critical fall height
Tensile strength
Tear strength
2.025m², 0.94m²
12mm, 25mm, 45mm
N/A, 1.2m, 2m
0.18 Mpa
1.38 N/mm