Heavy Duty Hi Vis Cable Protectors

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Material: Natural Rubber / SBR
Hardness: 75° (Shore A)
Product Length: 1.5m, 4.5m or 9m (depending on product)
Body Colour: Black, Grey
Strip Colour: Yellow


Product Description

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Industrial Use | Heavy Duty Hi Vis Cable Protectors

We design our range of heavy duty hi vis cable protectors specifically with industrial applications in mind. These working environments are often associated with heavy weights, which require the only most durable cable protectors. These tough profiles can protect your cables from the potential damage caused by fork lift trucks and other similar vehicles. Our high visibility profiles also stand out in almost all working environments.

All of our cable protector profiles are extremely easy to install and remove. It is crucial that our products can easily slot in to all working environments without causing disruption. The gentle gradients enable virtually any vehicle to drive over our cable protectors with ease. The studded design on the underside of the cable protectors also provides excellent levels of grip, which enables you to use them without bonding them to the surface.

Here at RubberSmart we supply a diverse range of cable protector profiles to suit any working environment, click here to view our full range of cable protector products.

Large Aperture Design

The larger apertures in our heavy duty cable protectors are perfect for protecting large power cables. Great care has been taken in order to ensure that weight is evenly distributed to prevent any breakages. Please consult our profile PDF to determine which cable protector best suits your specific application.

Shipping Information

We ship our heavy duty cable protectors directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. We supply this particular product in a coil format in order to allow for easy handling. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery.

Interior and exterior applications, Computer rooms, Warehouses, Production lines, Construction sites, Loading bays
Heavy duty cable protector
Natural Rubber / SBR blend
Body Colour:
Black, Grey
Strip Colour:
Material hardness
Surface spread of flame
Natural Rubber / SBR blend
75° +/- 5° (shore A)
No halogens
The material is conductive, tested to BS903 part C5
Tested to BS 479: part 7: 1987 class 3