Heel Safe Non Slip Matting – 3 Roll Sizes Available

Item Code: RC04170

From: £495.00 Excl. VAT

Material: PVC
Roll Size: 5m x 1.2m, 10m x 0.6m, 10m x 0.91m
Thickness: 14mm
Weight: 10.5 kg/M²
Colour: Black, Dark Grey, Oxford Blue

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Product Description

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Heel Safe Non Slip Matting

Our heel safe non slip matting is a highly durable as well as versatile safety matting product. It is suitable for use as both entrance and walkway matting in a variety of applications. Due to the different types of footwear that people use, certain safety mats aren’t able to provide sufficient levels of grip. This is particularly evident in thin heels, as they often slip between the gripping ribs in the matting. However, our heel safe non slip matting puts an end to this problem, offering excellent levels of grip regardless of the choice of footwear.

Heel safe features extra deep gripping ribs which we position closer together to ensure even the thinnest heel doesn’t slip between the gaps. The heavy duty ribs also serve to remove even the most stubborn dirt and debris stuck underneath your shoes. Aside from offering excellent gripping underfoot, we design our heel safe non slip matting to sit securely on top of a wide variety of surfaces to ensure you have a safe surface to walk on.

The superior versatility of this matting enables you to use it in a variety of applications with ease. However, our customers typically use this product in areas that are prone to becoming wet and slippery. Surfaces such as hardwood decking, or any wooden floor can greatly benefit from the use of this product. Outdoor areas such as bridges, pedestrian walkways and uneven walkways can become significantly safer through the use of our heel safe matting.

We offer an extensive selection of safety matting to meet a wide variety of criteria. Click here to view our full safety matting range.

heel safe non slip matting
Heel Safe Matting – Cross Section 

Available Colours

Safety is Key

We put this matting through a vigorous testing process to ensure it complies to safety standards. This particular non slip matting is certified to meet the following criteria;

  • Slip resistance –  DIN 51130: R12
  • Excellent drainage – DIN 51130: V10

This product is also easy to install, can be cut using a variety of standard cutting tools and also contours to uneven surfaces. As well as being heel proof, you can also use our heel safe matting under wheels as it provides a smooth continuous surface.

Installation is Simple

We supply this product in rolls for your convenience, making it easier to transport and move into position. Once in position simple cut the rolls lose and lay down. Easily cut using standard cutting tools to match your specific size or shape. They are also almost no effort to clean, a quick wipe down will remove and dirt and chemicals without damaging the mat itself.

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

  • Entrance matting
  • Walkways
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Decking
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Industrial/commercial flooring

Shipping and Manufacture

Our heel safe non slip matting is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Entrance matting, Walkway matting, Heavy footfall areas, Uneven surfaces, Slippery surfaces
Heel proof non slip matting
Black, Dark Grey, Oxford Blue
Roll size
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
5m x 1.2m, 10m x 0.6m, 10m x 0.91m
10.5 kg/M²