IEC 61111 2009 Electrical Matting Class 2

Item Code: RC04153-CL2-BLK

From: £30.01 Excl. VAT

Material: Rubber Elastomer
Roll Size: 1m x 10m
Thickness: 4mm
Maximum Tested Voltage: 30,000v
Safe Working Voltage: 17,000v
Colour: Black (as standard)

As low as: £25.55 /m² + Vat


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Electrical Matting Class 2 | 17,000v Working / 30,000v Tested

We take your safety seriously here at RubberSmart, this is why he have manufactured a new range of electrical safety matting products. Our electrical matting class 2 full conforms to IEC 61111:2009 European standards. This results in exceptional safety for users as well as allowing you to adhere to health and safety standards. Our electrical safety mats are also incredibly easy to install and remove, you can even roll the matting up while not in use.

Aside from offering excellent electrical resistance, our electrical safety matting is also incredibly user friendly. The top surface features a fine rib pattern that provides superior levels of grip in almost all conditions. We always manufacture using the highest quality compounds possible. This ensures that our matting offers the highest level of protection possible while also offering excellent value for money.

Here at RubberSmart we offer a wide selection of electrical safety matting, click here to view the full range.

Unbeatable Safety

IEC 61111: 2009 is the current UK and European specification for electrical insulation matting. The specification is crucial as it ensures that all new electrical matting is manufactured to the same criteria. It also helps to separate the electrical matting into different classes depending on the maximum voltage they can protect against. This enables you to quickly and easily select the appropriate electrical matting for your application. The electrical insulation matting classes are separated as follows:

Class 0 – Maximum Tested V: 10,000 | Proof V: 5,000 | Safe Working V: 1,000
Class 1 – Maximum Tested V: 20,000 | Proof V: 10,000 | Safe Working V: 7,500
Class 2 – Maximum Tested V: 30,000 | Proof V: 20,000 | Safe Working V: 17,000
Class 3 – Maximum Tested V: 40,000 | Proof V: 30,000 | Safe Working V: 26,500
Class 4 – Maximum Tested V: 50,000 | Proof V: 40,000 | Safe Working V: 36,000

The maximum tested voltage ensures that the electrical matting does not deteriorate when exposed to high voltages. Please note: you should not confuse this with the working voltage, which outlines the maximum voltage the mats can efficiently withstand for long periods of time.

You can also click here to view more information on specifications from the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Shipping Information

We ship our electrical matting class 2 directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. We supply this particular product in a roll format in order to allow for easy handling. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery.

Health & Safety, Manufacturing plants, Low voltage switch gear
Anti Slip, Electrical Safety, Safety Surfacing
Rubber Elastomer
Black (as standard)
Roll Size
1m x 10m x 4mm
Weight [m²]
Hardness [shore A]
Density [SG]
Tensile Strength
Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Flame Retardant Test
Acid Resistance Test
Oil Resistance Test
70Kg/CM2 [minimum]
300% [minimum]