Plastic Fixing Pegs – Pack Of 100

Item Code: ACC003

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Material: Plastic
Peg Length: 15cm 
Colour: Black
Sold in boxes of 100


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Plastic Fixing Pegs

Our plastic fixing pegs are designed to be used with our RubbaGrass protection mats. The pegs feature a wide round head in order to ensure that there is more area in contact with the mats, offering a more secure attachment to the ground. This also makes it easier for you put into the ground in the first place. The barbs on either side of the pegs provide a stronger grip below the surface. We typically suggest using between 3 – 7 pegs per mat depending on the type of surface you are laying them onto. For softer soil or areas prone to becoming boggy it is best to use more pegs to ensure a strong connection is made.

Apart from using the plastic fixing pegs with RubbaGrass the pegs are ideal for a variety of applications that require attaching something to the ground such as; tents, nets and small play equipment. The pegs are impact-resistant meaning they wont break on installation. The bottom of each peg is tapered to give a sharp point making it easier to penetrate the surface of the ground. Unlike other pegs ours are 15cm long meaning that they can do deeper into the ground providing improved anchorage.

This product is designed for use with our ground reinforcement products, you can view the full product range here.

Easy to Install and Secure

We typically recommend using a small hammer to install the pegs to avoid any strain on yourself or the product. However, depending on the type of surface the pegs may be able to push into place. To ensure maximum stability we recommend using 12 pegs per mat. Once installed there is no need to adjust the pegs as they will be held secure by the soil.

Shipping and Manufacture 

Our plastic fixing pegs are shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

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