RubbaHatch Watertight Seal: 38mm x 25mm – Length 10m

Item Code: RUBBAHATCH-38X25

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Material: Natural S/B/R Blend, Closed Cell Rubber Sponge
Size: 38mm x 25mm
Tensile Strength: 4 MPa
Compression: 15% (max)
Hardness (Shore A): 60 – 70°
Strip Length: 10 metres
Colour: Black

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Product Description

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RubbaHatch Watertight Seal: 38mm x 25mm

For anyone looking to add a watertight solution to their marine craft, we offer the rubbahatch watertight seal: 38mm x 25mm. We can also supply a wide range of other sizes to meet your specific needs. Our watertight hatch seals for cargo covers and access doors are used on many vessels such as: Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Ferry Lines and Oil, Gas & Chemical Tankers. Hatch packing is used for watertight doors, skylights, ullage plugs as well as, other comparable marine applications. Our RubbaHatch® combination seal is our most popular rubber hatch seal supplying marine clients worldwide.

Closed Cell Core

A fabricated or moulded seal is constructed from a closed cell sponge material. A outer skin of solid rubber is used to encase the sponge core in order to provide added strength. The closed cell sponge on the inside of the seal is made up of minuscule gaps that are sealed off from each other. This Prevents water from being able to penetrate thus, creating a watertight material. We have a purpose made sponge core for RubbaHatch®. Enabling us to ensure excellent compression and flexibility properties within our product. The solid outer skin serves to improve the structure of the product as well as protecting the soft sponge inner. Supplied with chamfered edges to assist with installation.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our rubbahatch watertight seal: 38mm x 25mm is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Waterproofing Tool, Marine Vessels
Door and Hatch Seal
Material Outer Skin:
Natural S/B/R Blend
Material Inner Core:
Closed Cell Rubber Sponge
Hardness (Shore A):
60 – 70°
Strip length
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Maximum temperature
Minimum temperature
38mm x 25mm
4 MPa
15% (max)