Rubber B Fender 38mm x 19mm – 24.38m Coil

Item Code: RC-103F

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Material: Neoprene rubber compound
Size: 38mm x 19mm
Steel Strip Size: 13mm
Steel Strip Gauge: 22 gauge
Strip Length: 24.38m
Weight: 0.72 Kg (per metre)
Hardness (Shore A): 70°
Colour: Black, Grey
Supplied with stainless steel retaining strip; punched and fitted

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Product Description

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Rubber B Fender 38mm x 19mm

Our rubber B fender 38mm x 19mm is a highly durable fender. Unlike our other B fenders we manufacture this one with a lip, this makes it ideal for use on corners or edges. Applications such as loading bays often suffer from trucks dropping weight on the edge of platforms. This particular fender will ensure that the corners of the loading bay have sufficient protection. It is able to withstand all manor of impact and weight over a long period of time without deterioration. We test this fender to ensure it sustain even the most extreme use to ensure you get the highest quality product possible.

Our rubber B fenders are available in either black neoprene rubber or grey neoprene rubber. We supply this rubber b fender with a 18/8 stainless steel: 22 gauge, 0.7mm thick retaining strip. This provides a strong core that runs throughout the fender. It also provides a solid surface to aid in attaching the fender to your desired surface. You can install our fender with either a screw or nail depending upon application. We always suggest using stainless steel screws to with our stainless steel retaining strip.

We can supply neoprene B fenders in a wide range of sizes and colours to match your specific needs. You can view our full neoprene B fender range here.

Easy Installation

This rubber B fender 38mm x 19mm comes with a stainless steel retaining strip, which has already been punched and fitted. The retaining strip gives the fender a solid core running through the length of the fender. It also gives screws a solid base to attach to, giving you a strong secure connection.

Specifically Chosen Materials

We use neoprene rubber for this fender due to some of unique properties found in the material. It is a firm material, which makes it great at absorbing impacts. It is also flexible, which enables easy installation on a wide variety of surfaces. Neoprene is also able to withstand a range of temperatures and weather conditions. This makes it ideal for use in either indoor or outdoor applications.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our rubber B fender 38mm x 19mm is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Marine fender, Shop fitting, Lorry bays, Ambulances and trucks, Factory walls, Loading areas
Rubber B fender
Neoprene rubber compound
Hardness (Shore A):
Black, Grey
Steel strip size
Steel strip gauge
Strip length
38mm x 19mm
22 gauge
0.72 Kg (per metre)