Rubber EPDM T Section 22mm x 29mm

Item Code: RC-T175

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Material: Solid Rubber EPDM
Size: 22.5mm x 29.5mm
Strip Length: 1m
Hardness (Shore A): 70°
Colour: Black

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Rubber EPDM T Section 22mm x 29mm

Our rubber EPDM T section 22mm x 29mm is a highly versatile seal and edge trim product. It is suitable for use in many transportation applications such as: classic car, bus, caravan, air as well as rail. You can simply press the T section into place or use rubber adhesive on the underside for a permanent solution. This particular product is great at preventing the build up of dirt and debris in small crevice’s. You can also use it form a seal between two surfaces in the same plane.

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Highly Versatile Design

Here at RubberSmart we felt that it was necessary to create a product which could suit multiple applications. This also means that it is crucial that the product is able to function in different environments. We manufacture our rubber EPDM T section 22mm x 29mm from a high quality, EPDM compound for this very reason. Rubber EPDM is an incredibly low maintenance material due to the excellent durability as well as resistance the material offers.

This particular T section features a shore A hardness of 70° and a tensile strength value of 10 Mpa. This means that our product is relatively firm and is able to hold it’s shape even under extreme pressure. The excellent physical properties this product offers enable it to be in constant use without fear of warping or deterioration. Despite being firm, our T section is still able to stretch and compress while under pressure. Our product features an elongation breaking point of 500%. This enables our T profile to easy absorb pressure as well as deflect impacts.

Shipping and Manufacture

We ship our rubber EPDM T section 22mm x 29mm directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery. This ensures that you only get the best quality products possible.

Door seals, Window seals, Classic car, Bus, Caravan, Air, Rail, Marine
T section
Solid EPDM
Resistant to
Impact, Pressure, Chemicals, Acid, Oils
Physical Information
Base thickness
Strip length
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Compression set (70°C for 22hrs)
Temperature range
Heat aging (70hrs at 70°C)
Hardness change
Tensile strength change
Elongation break change
10 Mpa
-40°C to +120°C
Pass (no cracks)
No change
+ 9%
No change