Weighbridge Rubber Profile 110mm x 110mm x 3m

Item Code: RC01110-110

£75.00 Excl. VAT

Material: Solid Rubber EPDM
Size: 110mm x 110mm
Strip Length: 3m as standard (larger lengths may be available)
Hardness: 73°
Colour: Black


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Weighbridge Rubber Profile 110mm x 110mm

Weighbridges perform a crucial role in wide variety of distribution companies all around the world. They enable companies to easily calculate the overall weight of a vehicle as well as the weight of the contents. Due to the highly important nature of weighbridges, it is important to ensure that it functions properly. Our weighbridge rubber profile 110mm x 110mm prevents dirt and debris from being able to clog up the machine. This not only gives you more accurate readings, it also serves to increase the life expectancy of the weighbridge itself.

Due to the large, heavy duty nature of the vehicles that use the weighbridge, dirt and debris can easily collect inside of the machine. After the foreign objects have gotten inside of the machine there is no quick way to remove them. As the weighing scales are highly sensitive even the smallest objects can effect the accuracy of the readings. In most cases it is necessary to completely disassemble the machinery in order to remove all objects. Our advise is always to prevent the dirt and debris from being able to build up in the first place.

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High Quality Material

We only manufacture using the highest quality materials in order to ensure you get a product which is dependable. Cheaper alternatives may look similar, however our weighbridge T section offers far superior mechanical properties. We manufacture this weighbridge rubber profile 110mm x 110mm from a high quality, solid, rubber EPDM material.

Solid EPDM offers many useful properties, which makes the material suitable for use in sealing applications. It features good resistance to weathering, temperature, UV as well as Ozone deterioration. This enables our product to maintain consistent performance values in both interior and exterior applications. It also helps to increase the life expectancy of our product, which ensures you get better value for money.

Aside from offering good resistance, rubber EPDM is also a highly durable material. It provides an excellent elongation breaking point, up to 430% in most environments. This ensures that our product is flexible enough to withstand the weight pressure from heavy duty vehicles. Being flexible, our weighbridge profile can also compress to completely fill small crevices. This ensures that you get the best sealing properties possible at all times.

Shipping and Manufacture

We ship our weighbridge rubber profile 110mm x 110mm directly to you from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff quality test all products before sending orders out for delivery. This ensures that you only get the best quality products possible.

Weighbridge sealing, Interior & exterior sealing, Classic cars, Transport industries
Weighbridge T section
Solid EPDM
Resistant to
Impact, Pressure, Chemicals, Acid, Oils
Physical Information
Base thickness
Strip length
Tensile strength
Elongation at break
Compression set (70°C for 22hrs)
Heat aging (70hrs at 100°C)
Tensile strength change
Elongation change
Hardness change
10 Mpa
Pass (no cracks)