Wet Pour Repair Kit

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Over double the coverage of other repair kits
Excellent value for money

Black Repair Coverage: 2m² with 20mm depth
Colour Repair Coverage: 1.5m² with 20mm depth

Material: EPDM, Polyurethane
Kit contains: 1 x 5kg Rubbaflex Polyurethane Binder
1 x 25kg bag of EPDM 1 – 4mm granulate
Standard Colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Contact us about other colours available as a special order


Product Description

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Wet Pour Repair Kit | RubbaPour®

Our RubbaPour® wet pour repair kit is a quick, simple and effective solution to repair a damaged wet pour surface. We only supply professional quality materials in order to achieve a long lasting and visually appealing repair. Unlike other kits our wet pour repair kits provide enough materials to repair a large area up to 2m2. This enables you to carry out repairs on the surface and avoid the costs of having the whole surface re-laid. We offer a selection of 5 of the most popular colours to choose from as standard. We can also provide a wider choice of colours, which are available as a special order.

Aside from proving the materials we can also provide detailed installation guides and video instructions. This enables almost anyone to carry out the repairs to a high standard. For ease of use, we supply each RubbaPour® repair kit in a 100-litre mixing bin that contains:

  • 1 x 25kgs bag of EPDM 1 – 4mm granulate
  • 1 x 5kgs Rubbaflex® polyurethane binder

Coverage Requirements

From our years of experience regarding wet pour surfaces, we know that surface thicknesses can vary depending on the application. However, we also know that most installations feature a top surface depth of either 15mm or 20mm. Our repair kit contains enough EPDM granules in order to fill a maximum depth of 20mm. This ensures that the repair can blend seamlessly into your existing surface.

Due to manufacturing methods, black EPDM granules are typically larger in size than the colour variants. This can help you to repair a slightly larger area using the same sized bag. A full breakdown of coverage is as follows:

  • Black EPDM granules – 2m² coverage at 20mm depth
  • Colour EPDM granules – 1.5m² coverage at 20mm depth

Additional items required: Stanley knife, plastering trowel and a paddle style mixer.

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The Right Colour For The Job

Aside from black, we can supply a selection of 4 attractive colours as standard:

wet pour repair kit
We can also supply a wider selection of colours, which are available as a special order:

Wet pour repair kit
Don’t hesitate to contact us about your wide range of RubbaPour colours. We always aim to do everything we can to ensure that you get the perfect product to match your requirements.

Shipping and Manufacture 

We dispatch our wet pour repair kit direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. Our specialist staff also quality inspect each repair kit prior to dispatch. This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Safety Surfacing, Playground Surfacing, Repair
Wet Pour Repair Kit
EPDM, Polyurethane
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
Repair coverage
2m² - 20mm depth
1.5m² - 20mm depth