Wetfix – Grass Adhesive – Tub Size 5kg & 10kg

Item Code: AG-WETFIX

From: £30.00 Excl. VAT

Material: Polyurethane Solution
Size: 10kg, 5kg
Bonds well even in wet conditions
Works at low temperatures from 3°C
Includes hardener

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Product Description

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Wetfix – Grass Adhesive

Wetfix is an adhesive solution that we specifically design in order to bond artificial grass to a solid surface or membrane. As well as bonding the grass to a surface the adhesive can also be used with joining tapes to create a strong invisible joint. Comprised of a two component polyurethane solution. This ensures that the adhesive is not only strong but also suitable for use outdoors in a range of weather conditions.

Water resistant qualities in the adhesive allow for installation in damp or even wet weather conditions. Included is an adhesive accelerator that enables you to use the product in winter temperatures, almost down to freezing point.

You have the option of two tub sizes, depending on the size of the area you are working with;

  • 10kg Tub of wetfix adhesive and a 1kg bottle of hardener. This will cover an area of approximately 20 sq metres.
  • 5kg Tub of wetfix adhesive and a 0.50kg bottle of hardener. This will cover an area of approximately 10 sq metres.

Installation is Easy

Use a large brush or flat trowel to apply the adhesive to the tape or surface you are working with. Excess adhesive can seep over the sides when applying pressure to the mats, to prevent this apply the solution evenly. You can use the included hardener to speed up the curing process, also leave to dry naturally.

Shipping and Manufacture

Our wetfix grass adhesive is shipped direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Artificial Grass, Installation, Indoor and Outdoor Use
Polyurethane Solution
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