Anti Moisture Mattress Underlay

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Material: Spun polymer bonded to a breathable white fabric layer
Roll Size: 2m x 1m
Thickness: 17mm
Weight: 1.10kg (per sheet)
Colour: Black mesh, White fabric surface with overhang for joining

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Product Description

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Dri-Vent | Anti Moisture Mattress Underlay

The area between your mattress and the base of your bed frame can be prone to collecting bacteria and mould in cold or damp conditions. The issue stems from the lack of air flow. As a result, this causes the condensation to build up leading to musty smells and potentially mould. We produce our anti moisture mattress underlay specifically with the idea to prevent condensation build up under mattresses and cushions. It features a semi-rigid structure which enables good air flow, preventing moisture from developing. This makes it ideal for use in applications prone to mould and mildew such as; caravans, boats as well as tents.

Dri-Vent retains its semi-rigid structure well. It is also lightweight and easy to cut with standard household scissors. It suits any bunk size and is easily joined for wider mattresses using double sided tape, simply apply to the overhang of fabric along one edge.

We also supply a wide range of products perfect for marine use, you can view marine and boat product range here.

How Does it Work?

Our anti moisture mattress underlay features a spring like underside which greatly increases the air flow between your mattress and the bed frame. The underlay can compress to match your bodies movements to provide a comfortable nights sleep. It also encourages air flow to pass under the mattress in order to reduce the build up of condensation.

Why Dri-vent?

Dri-vent provides a cost efficient solution to significantly reduce: condensation, moisture, mildew as well as mould. Unlike other mattress underlays, our anti moisture mattress underlay provides good levels of comfort regardless of the application and environment. Finally, our Dri-vent anti condensation underlay is incredibly lightweight and flexible, which allows for easy transportation as well as access to small spaces. All of these features give you peace of mind, allowing you to have a safe as well as comfortable nights sleep.

It will also outlast the life of your mattress!

Perfect for a Range of Uses

  • Caravan bunks and berths
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Lockers
  • Dog Baskets
  • Infant cots
  • Tents

Shipping and Manufacture 

We deliver our anti moisture mattress underlay direct to you from our warehouse in Romsey, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. This product is also quality tested by our specialist staff.  This ensures that we can offer you the best quality product possible.

Bed Accessories, Boating, Camping, Health & Safety
Mattress and cushion underlay
Roll Size
2m x 1m
1.10kg per sheet